Young Franco is giving us a little taste of summertime this week with his latest single ‘Studio 54’ which he co-wrote with fellow Australian producer JaFunk during the 2022 summer (in-between dips in the ocean to cool off) then later finished it off in Los Angeles with US singer/songwriter Leyla Blue

Young Franco is the-man when it comes to feel-good party vibes and ‘Studio 54’ is going to give you all that and more!! 

“I wrote ‘Studio 54’ originally as a fun summer idea with Jafunk in 2022, we were in Sydney and swimming most days, it only felt right to write a funk/disco track. When we finished the instrumental I flew over to LA and worked with Leyla for the first time and smashed it out in a day. I’ve always been a big fan of her work, she’s amazingly quick to work with. The track reminds me of walking out of a sweaty night of dancing into the summer air.” ~ Young Franco

out now via: Of Leisure
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