Berlin-based artist narou strips things back on his most personal release to date ‘how to get there’. Following the critical acclaim of previous single ‘Running In Circles’, this latest offering expands on the rose-tinted melancholy he creates with his unique indie-meets-electronica sound. Teaming up with Andrew Applepie, the pairing makes for a masterclass in creating understated atmosphere. Hazy synth textures and a yearning vocal performance come together to strike the perfect balance between light and dark; resulting in a cinematic journey that feels nostalgic to the core. 

In his own words he shares:

“’how to get there’ is a heartfelt song that explores the journey towards finding one’s purpose in life. Its an uplifting song of encouragement to keep going, to run your own way and trust that life will guide you towards your destination.” – narou

out now via: Good Luck Kid
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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