SBTRKT will be giving us a brand-new album – his first in seven years – on May 5th called “The Rat Road” (presave here) which includes his recently released singles ‘Waiting (feat. Teezo Touchdown)‘ and ‘Forward (feat. LEILAH)‘, and today he’s giving us another little taste with new single ‘Days Go By’ that has him teaming up with the one-and-only, Toro Y Moi – who he says he first met while touring Australia back in 2012! 

“I first met Chaz back in 2012 when we were both playing on a festival tour around Australia. It wasn’t until 2018 that I got around to saying ‘what’s up’ again and made a trip out to Oakland to hang and make some tunes. We reconnected a bunch more times over a couple of years — in London and on another trip to Paris — which was something that made sense with the track’s influences and turned the song into this weird international collaboration! Once the pandemic hit, I had to sit on the music for quite a while, but the timing feels right and I’m happy that it’s out in the world now!” ~ SBTRKT (via Instagram)

This album is going to be something special…

out now via: Save Yourself
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