LA-based producer OddKidOut & Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Bipolar Sunshine combine their exquisite talents for an impressive collaboration titled ‘WORDS FROM YOU’, a restrained electronic offering that provides plenty of space for both artists to showcase their absolute best which melds together with absolute ease.

OddKidOut takes a step back in his production levels and provides a more minimalistic approach to the composition with the deepened beats coupling nicely alongside those wobbly synths creating plenty of texture for Bipolar Sunshine‘s gentle vocals to shine through. With a trap-styled influence in the chorus section, the intensity rises a touch through an insertion of more bass presence that provides listeners with a surge of energy all while ensuring the mix does not overbear itself and rather allow the key elements to shine.

I’ve been a fan of Bipolar Sunshine for a while, so to finally get one on the books with him is a dream. ‘WORDS FROM YOU’ is the perfect blend of his world and mine, and having it live under the HARD roof couldn’t be any more perfect.” – OddKidOut

out now via: Hard RECS
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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