With an impending performance at EDC in Las Vegas next month, Brisbane producer Odd Mob continues to bring the heat with a brand new thumper titled ‘Been Dreaming’ which also sees his new pseudonym GD Vandal jumping on collaborative duties for a high-energy and addictive release destined for the clubs worldwide.

‘Been Dreaming’ chooses to waste no time and brings the party straight to your speakers immediately with a jam-packed soundscape filled to the brim with commanding beats, a hypnotic vocal sample scattered across the top of the mix and a plethora of synths adding various splashes of colour across the already vibrant palate on display. With all that is going on within its 2:40 duration, ‘Been Dreaming’ chooses to not overcomplicate things and instead provide an enforcing podium full of drive for all the punters to lose themselves within.

“It’s a simple fun track that came together super-fast. It’s raw, it is speedy and all-around not overly serious.” – Odd Mob

Stream via: Insomniac Records
Artist Connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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