Australian producer Willaris. K has released a hypnotic new track today called ‘Ya Rab (4 The Hell Of It)’ which is in-fact a reinterpretation of ‘Ya Rab’ by Australian-born / Turkish Egyptian rapper Babyface Mal, and I think this might be one of the best things I’ve heard this week. 

Willaris. K has done a masterful job of honouring the traditional sounds and rhythms of Babyface Mal’s original version as he added his own techno-infused signature elements. 

Hopefully this means we’ll be hearing more new music from Willaris. K very soon! 

“This is extremely cliche, but it did just start as something fun I was f*#king around with to see what happens, then it came together super quick. I remember the day I made it – I was showing my brother the live show cause my Aus tour was in a few days then I was like, oh yeah, I made this too lol. He insisted I finish it and put it in my live show. A couple weeks later, Mal performed it with me on stage at The Forum.” ~ Willaris. K 

Babyface Mal adds; “’Ya Rab’ was always a dance track, it was able to get people dancing with the bounce dabke drums and through the inclusion of cultural instruments, dances, and phrases. But with Willaris. K’s rave touch, it’ll now get to reach new audiences. When I found out Willaris. K was down to do a remix I was hyped! Not only would it further give the track the shine it deserves, but I also got to tap back into my electronic background AND give me an opportunity to work with a hectic DJ like Willaris. K.” 

out now via: Soothsayer
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