Over the last few months The Blaze have given us a few very awesome singles which have been leading us toward their second album “JUNGLE”, which has finally landed today and I think I’m in love…. 

“JUNGLE” is a 10-track collection of atmospheric/indie-dance music that just works for me on so many levels. As they reveal below the writing process for this album came from the perspective of writing music that can be played live, while also not losing the traditional introspective elements of their music that we’ve all come to love.  

“After the release of our first album DANCEHALL, we spent 4 years playing live shows around the world and the experience marked us deeply. Since then, we write music thinking about sharing it live with you.. We were willing to keep the introspective aspect our music carries, while keeping in mind that people also come to dance when they see us perform.” ~ The Blaze (via Instagram)

I still have their 2018 debut album “DANCEHALL”, and their 2017 EP “TERRITORY”, on high-rotation and I am very excited to have another album from The Blaze to add to that collection. Thanks guys! 

out now via: Animal 63
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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