Oh sheeeiiit, this new track from The Magician and The Aston Shuffle is my new jam! 

It’s called ‘Differences’ and it is a very bouncy summer-house treat that features the smooth vocal sounds of US singer/songwriter remy, and it also comes with a very cool (and funny) Office Romance directed music video that really does make you want to get up and dance.

More of this please guys! 

“It’s been a long time since we first started discussing collaboration. We love each other’s work, and The Aston Shuffle was the first signing to Potion Records. So, we shared some demo ideas and decided to choose to work on this beautiful little melody which probably takes you back to an emotion you had in your childhood. At least for us! So, we arranged everything with that in mind and then in a studio in Brooklyn, we recorded the singer remy who added his amazing vibe to it.” ~ The Magician

“I’ve released a lot of music on Potion over the years, as well as played a lot of shows with The Magician in the US and Europe. We always spoke about how we’d love to work on something together, so I’m super happy we finally found the time to do it!”  ~ The Aston Shuffle

out now via:
Potion Records

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