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German artists Moglii and Mulay have teamed up for a double-single release titled ‘Hidden in the Mist’ and ‘Sunliight’ which are hitting a few of my sweet spots today. 

Moglii has a knack of creating these lush organic backdrops using warm padded beats, analog synths and his innate production skills and Mulay’s songwriting and vocal abilities are always a much welcomed treat, so if they’re making music together you just know it’s going to be something pretty great. 

“Sunliight’ is a fun, light, wholesome track that we made quite a while ago. It’s about self-acceptance and self-love, about celebrating your achievements, your growth, your body and mind, about not hiding or compromising parts of you and your identity to fit in or to please others any longer.

The idea for ‘Hidden in the Mist’ emerged on a misty summer morning in nature. We were staying in this little house at the edge of a forest, Moglii invited some artists to write new music, we were still awake, jamming and playing around while watching the sunrise through the mist. It was a beautiful, dreamy sight that inspired the hook of the song.” ~ Mulay

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