Over the last few months Australian newcomer MAVER has given us a few very cool singles while also making promise of his debut ep coming our soon. 

That ep is titled “Dream Machine” and it is set for release on December 9th, but before we get into all of that MAVER is giving us another little preview of what we can expect this week with the invigorating sounds of new single ‘In My Head’. 

“‘In My Head’ is a song about having a conversation with my nightmares and being comfortable with the fact that they are not going anywhere. The song was made whilst I was in hospital and came unusually naturally and is centred around insomnia. Although the topic of discussion is dark, I wanted to have this track be danceable and lively. It is also about trying to take worries on your mind that you are dwelling on and either taking action if you can try and work on them now or attend to the problem at a better time and re-direct your attention to the present.” ~ MAVER

out now via: MAVER
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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