Pocket – Evergreen (feat. KLOE) Ukiyo – Through My Teeth (feat. Emilia Ali) ZUSO – ‘Aurora’ NICOLAS – EMOTIONS WE TELL OURSELVES IT IS NOT OK TO FEEL (EP) JUNGLE – ‘Dominoes’ HUMP DAY MIX with NICOLAS

San Francisco-based DJ and producer AIR APPARENT continues to combine influence from the 80s and today for a energetic blend of electronic/pop music with his long-awaited debut LP ‘Chromatic’, a twelve-track offering that showcases a bright and uplifting soundscape with emotional lyricism and catchy melodies that lure you in immediately with their inviting nature.

‘Chromatic’ centres itself around a strengthened electronic backbone that exudes energy and colour from the ground floor up to the top of the mix, mainly evident in the bright synths coupling together with the atmospheric synths to great a thick wall of sound throughout the soundscape. As we travel through the track list, AIR APPARENT brings the flavour to the release with some sublime bass and percussive grooves throughout that set the podium in tact for the catchy vocals to mesmerise the listener immediately upon their first encounter.

“I wanted to play on the idea that electronic music doesn’t have to be one thing. It can be stretched and smeared in different directions…The title refers to me expressing my vision of electronic music in a range of different colors, just how you can take a human experience and find 25 different angles and narratives within it.” – AIR APPARENT

out now via: AIR APPARENT
artist connect: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Bandcamp SoundCloud | YouTube

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