Orange County-based producer wes mills provides a throwback to the 90s with his brand new single ‘nintendo 64’, a euphoric blend of garage and electronic/pop influence that glides through in a swift manner with its highly engaging tempo and electrifying energy on offer throughout.

wes mills evokes the rush and thrill that many of us have experienced during an intense gaming session as we were growing up, and this is created through the speedy groove injected into the percussion that makes its presence felt very early on in the spectrum. Blending in beautifully with the glowing synths and hypnotic vocal samples bouncing around the mix, mills perfectly balances the tightrope between vibrancy and speed throughout the journey of ‘nintendo 64’ that will strike a chord with all of those within its path.

“I was thinking back at some old video games I used to play and I ran across a nintendo 64 game called 1080 that gave me a nostalgic vibe. The visual texture of the game inspired me to translate that into sound.” – wes mills

out now via: bitbird
artist connect: Instagram | Twitter | TikTok | Spotify | SoundCloud

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