Trinidad-born, Eora-based artist Gold Fang continues to make his presence felt at a rapid rate with another powerful new single titled ‘Big Natty Rasta’, a commanding and forceful soundscape that encompasses plenty of free-flowing nature with those melodies scattering themselves across the mix to leave plenty of impact upon their arrival.

With production from Naarm-based producer Swick, ‘Big Natty Rasta’ brings the heat across its duration with a powerful foundation set of booming bass and crispy beats that allow for the perfect launch pad of which those enforcing melodies allow themselves the room and attention they well and truly deserve. Combining all of these elements together results in a ferocious mix that leaves no stone unturned and demands your attention with its utter power on display.

“They had this thing back in the days where even in my country, you had to have certain hairstyles or else you get sent home, or the teachers would say something about it. Big Natty Rasta is about going against the grain – people look at Rastas as rebellious, and I think it is rebellious. It’s not you trying to be the clean-cut person, it’s about you embracing who you are – embracing growth and authenticity. Big Natty Rasta is about eating a whole heap of pasta and causing disasters.” – Gold Fang

out now via: NLV Records
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