Bishu is here to get your weekend started on the right note courtesy of his brand new single ‘MISS U’, a thumping house-styled offering which centres itself around an emotionally-fuelled narrative that contrasts with an uplifting and energetic soundscape providing plenty of movement throughout.

‘MISS U’ utilises striking piano chords as a core component that is key to the tracks composition, and is the building block of which Bishu builds the intensity within the mix. With rising drums providing plenty of drive in their manipulation, ‘MISS U’ takes its prime form in the chorus section where the electrifying synths provide a surge of energy amongst the booming bass line and uplifting groove that enforces all within its path to get up on their feet and move.

“This song began with me wanting to venture more into house music. House and 4/4 music were actually the style I started with years ago, so it’s wild to be making it again after such a long break. This song is really about me retuning to my roots as a fan and writing for myself and is part of a new chapter in my musical arc where I explore how I got to where I am now and what influenced my growth as a creator and artist. I haven’t released music in this style yet as Bishu and couldn’t be happier to be doing it with NIGHTMODE.” – Bishu

out now via: NIGHTMODE
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