Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter and producer Shoffy continues to hone in on his brand of laid back electronic/pop with the release of his new album ‘… Onward’, a ten-track release with stirring melodies and polished production that injects a breeziness through your speakers and calms your state of mind immediately.

Featuring previous singles ‘love ya’ and ‘Nightmares in NYC’, Shoffy builds on the warmth created and allows us to bask in the good times on offer with a bright and luscious soundscape filled with alluring guitar licks, subtle insertions of synths and charismatic beats with meld in with his calming vocals that stand tall with their relaxing nature. With the uplifting manner of how the tracks are structured, it is very hard to ignore the vibrancy on offer within ‘… Onward’ and have this on repeat for days on end.

“This album came together in the last several months. I wrote and produced it, and the music is a collection of my favourite genres, sounds, melodies, and lyrical themes. I recorded it in my home studio in LA, and have one collab with my friend Sidizen King…I made this album for all my fans out there who like my music, and made it for myself because I love to create, and put new songs out in the world. It’s a pretty cathartic and cool journey. The whole project is a collection of what I love both sonically and visually. I’m honoured to have the opportunity to work with David Dutton on some of the visuals, he directed Nightmares In NYC and did all the incredible paintings along with his brother. I also can’t wait to go on tour again, see everyone in person, and play these songs live.” – Shoffy

out now via: Otherground Records
artist connect: Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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