Australian producer OPIUO packs in some serious energy and heat in his latest single ‘Dopamine’, a thick and juicy club banger that will be a massive energy burst for all within its path through its electrifying soundscape that’ll draw you in immediately.

With an alluring introductory section creating the intrigue, OPIOU subtly but surely brings the fire through those enforcing synth and bass combination that provides a surge of power into the penetrating soundscape. With the commanding vocal line cementing itself in your memory from its first section, OPIOU builds on this catchiness by providing enough room for the melodies to stand on their own feet and thus giving the chorus section the ultimate podium to provide a wall of sound into our speakers.

“‘Dopamine’ is such a special one to me! Appearing on the song & in the video is my amazing wifey for lifey Naajee. Having her on the big screen behind me as I play this song all over the world is truly incredible. The song came about relatively quickly too. I wanted an intense, yet cheeky, almost familiar dance floor number. Something to make you move and smile at the exact same time. I had a rough idea and just ran with it, wrote the lyrics, and recorded my voice (which didn’t work lol), so I asked Naajee to have a go and she got it perfect straight away! It’s become the funnest song to play live in my recent sets. I’m so excited for the world to have it!!” – Opiuo


out now via: Slurp Music
artist connect: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | SoundCloud 

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