JVLY – ‘swim’ [Premiere] Chores – Crave Me (feat. Jezzabell Doran) Acid Stag Radio Tails – is that ok? (feat. Benji Lewis) daste. announce AUS tour supports! The Nicholas & Golden Vessel – ‘Cherries’

Los Angeles-based producer NASAYA has just announced he has a new ep on the way titled “RÊVES” and he’s also giving us another little taste of what we can expect with his latest single ‘RUMMELSBURG’, which as he reveals below is one of his most personal releases to-date. 

“At the time I wrote ‘RUMMELSBURG’ I was really stuck and uninspired on my music so I took a trip to Berlin to kind of clear my head and also try to write some music. I was staying with my friend and producer Yann Lauren, who’s one of my favorite people to work with – and he showed me this voice memo from Imani, a singer friend of his. It instantly inspired me and we chopped it on Ableton and started the base of this song. This track went through so many different versions before this final one, but I always thought there was something special about it so I kept working on it for months. I’m really attached to it, it’s one of the songs that feels the most ‘personal’ to me that I’ve released so far.” ~ NASAYA

Fans can catch NASAYA doing his thing live throughout September as he joins ODESZA on part of their “Last Goodbye Tour” – dates & ticketing info here

out now via: Foreign Family
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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