Australian producer Jbox has been a little bit quiet over the last few months but he’s coming back to us this week with news that he’s been working on a bunch of new material while also giving us the first taste of what we can expect with the energetic and uplifting sounds of new single ‘The Way I Live a Life’. 

This track has such a fun groove and it’s just the sort of song you want to hear on a Friday. Welcome back Jbox! 

“‘The Way I Live a Life’ is about feeling grounded in doing your own thing, having fun and allowing yourself to let go. This song is the first of a new collection of music from myself, exploring a range of sub-genres I haven’t previously ventured in. I’m really excited to share this one, with more to come as well.” ~ Jbox

out now via: Jbox
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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