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Boorloo / Perth-based rapper-producer Arno Faraji continues to showcase his concise flow and energy in each and every offering with his brand new single ‘Gravity’, an electronically influenced track with juicy backbone providing the perfect platform for those charismatic melodies to charm us immediately.

‘Gravity’ sees a drum and bass styled pattern become a core component of the overall structure, with a robust synth bass setting the tone with plenty of groove that contrasts well with the crisp beats on offer. With Arno Faraji‘s playful melodies standing tall in the centre of the mix, he further instills a sense of swagger and confidence with his laid-back approach to his output which plays off the upbeat tempo on offer. 

“I feel like we’re always tryna chase moments and sometimes forget to just be in them and enjoy them for what they are even when they’re right in front of us, that’s for me at least. I was in this space where I’d be in a good zone and resonating well but also finding ways to sabotage myself by thinking of when the moment would change or trying to prepare for the next unpredictable thing. It was like a coping mechanism for what could come. It’s good to know ‘things change’ but to change in anticipation of what hasn’t happened yet had me cutting my experiences and bliss down.” – Arno Faraji

out now via: Arno Faraji
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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  1. Great song it will become a hit….

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