Aash Mehta has kept himself quite busy since the release of his last EP ‘For the Love of It’ in 2020 with a string of impressive singles under his belt showcasing his ever-growing production artillery, and now with his brand new album ‘The Moments In Between’ we gain a raw and up close insight into his mind with an emotionally-fuelled collection of tracks that draw you in immediately upon the first encounter.

Featuring singles ‘Home’, ‘The Flow of Time’, ‘When I Saw You in a Crowded Room’ and most recently ‘The Right Words’, Mehta provides us with six brand new tracks that provide listeners with the podium for reflection and contemplation, with a sprinkle of emphatic electronica to go with it. Mehta beautifully manipulates his productions to evoke an openness within each of his tracks, whereby the lush instrumentation allows listeners to be one with themselves and simply sit back and relax with the goodness that is on offer throughout.

“I started writing this album a few weeks before my 25th birthday, not knowing what direction I wanted to take it or where it would lead me. The only thing I knew is that I wanted to put what and how I was feeling into music – and it’s the desire to do so that is at the very core of this album. Having turned 27 last December, this album is pretty much a diary of the last 2+ years. It captures all of the moments in between pain and hope that have helped me grow, move forward, adjust my outlook on life…and that’s why I called it “The Moments In Between” – because I wanted to tell that story piece by piece.” – Aash Mehta

out now via: Aash Mehta
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