After two years of waiting Splendour in the Grass‘ 20th anniversary event will be kicking off in just over a week’s time, and if you haven’t started planning your days yet you really should get a good look at the playing times so you don’t miss anything. 

I’ve been to quite a few Splendours now and if there’s one bit of advice I could offer it would be to make sure you get there nice and early each day. Another would be to just be nice to everyone, we’re all there to have a good time and we all obviously have something in common, so don’t be afraid to make new friends! 

We’ve got the timetables for the three main days – Friday, Saturday & Sunday – just below for you to check out and the Splendour app has everything else you’ll need for the entire festival weekender; download those via iOS or Android 

See you there!!

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