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Australian-based artists Friendless & Jannah Beth continue to let their collaborative relationship flourish before our eyes with the release of their buoyant new EP ‘FUN!’, a five-track cross-genre release that provides a significant amount of infectious energy both within the energetic instrumentation and Beth’s commanding vocals which collectively lock in your attention from the word go.

As the name suggests, ‘FUN!’ provides us with a highly spirited and vibrant soundscape that you are immediately lured into with its brightness on offer. Friendless does a brilliant job throughout the multi-genre approach in the duration of the EP to ensure an inviting nature within his production on offer, whether that be through the sparkling synths or uplifting groove held in the beats. Whilst the instrumentation does its job, Beth showcases an adaptability and comfortability in each and every track on offer, commanding your attention with her presence but also working in complete cohesion with the instrumentation to take listeners on a wonderful journey filled with many twists and turns throughout.

This EP came to be almost accidentally. Jannah and I had gotten together because we felt that we should really do a follow-up to ‘Drip’ and out fell ‘Ego Drop’. Fast forward 4 months and we had a finished EP.  Because we enjoy creating together so much we ventured to find a place where Jannah’s solo work and the future of Friendless could meet. I’ve been obsessed with garage forever and have been very much wanting to move in that direction so out came ‘Player’, then Jannah pushed me to try my hand at another love of mine drum and bass, and out came ‘4U’. ‘Never Enough’ quickly followed blending our love of the deeper side of house with our songwriting and then I muscled in a bit more UK garage with ‘By Ur Side’ on which Jannah’s song craft shines brighter than ever. As the immortal Christopher Wallace once said ‘It was all a dream’.” – Friendless

out now via: Be Rich Records
Friendless: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud
Jannah Beth: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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