ATTLAS provides us with an enlightening piece of electronic music with the release of his brand new single with Mango ‘Over The Water’, a blissful track featuring soothing vocals and ambient instrumentation that collectively take listeners away to a calmer state of mind through its tranquility.

‘Over The Water’ provides plenty of warmth and atmosphere in its approach, whereby both artists utilise a depth of pads and synths to achieve a lightness scattered across the top of the mix, all while the subtle groove and strengthened synth bass assures plenty of uplift can be maintained throughout. With the airiness of the vocals floating across the soundscape with its gentle nature, ‘Over The Water’ ensures a gentleness across all aspects of the release to give the platform for peak levels of relaxation.

“After grinding out a very personal ‘winter album’, it was a welcome bit of friendship and sunshine to collaborate on such an uplifting, warm-day kind of record. An easy and comfortable musical overlap that’s a combination of our respective creative strengths and outlooks.” – ATTLAS

out now via: Monstercat
artist connect: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

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