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Pauline Herr and TWERL combine their talents together to produce an emotionally-fuelled offering depicting the highs and lows of a long-distance relationship through the electrifying new single ‘Addicted’, a powerful offering filled with commanding electronic influence and gripping lyricism that locks in your attention from the word go. 

‘Addicted’ lures you in in the verses with a more softened approach to the composition, with swirling melodies intertwining with the buoyant synths in a near hypnotic manner that provides that extra injection of playfulness to the already jubilant melodies on offer throughout. With a shift in intensity occuring in the pre-chorus section courtesy of the rising drums coming to the forefront, this then leads us into the energetic chorus section with striking synths and penetrating drums taking centre stage with their sheer force on display.

“This release is very meaningful to both TWERL and I because it’s about our experience with a long-distance relationship. Spending months apart and only being able to see each other briefly every few months has been really tough but has also made the time we have with each other really special.” – Pauline Herr

out now via: bitbird
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