After collaborating heavily with Australian electronic royalty Flume on his ‘Quits’ EP and recently Chrome Sparks, Washington-born artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Reo Cragun comes through with his first full-length album in ‘Diary of A Loner’ – a twelve-track release that intertwines electronic and hip hop influence together for a powerful combination of sound.

‘Diary of A Loner’ sees Cragun command your attention with emotionally-fuelled melodies that strike through the energetic mix and leave a strong impact on us listeners immediately. With buzzing synths combining alongside the deepened rhythm section of booming bass and beats, Cragun stands tall in the middle of the mix with a playfulness in his melodic approach that allows more of a connection to be established between the listeners and himself.

‘It resembles a collection of really personal notes. These are my journal entries. I’m such an introvert by nature. I always feel as if I’m on the journey by myself. However, I tried to express those feelings on the project. For the first time, I really talk about what happened growing up and what’s going on now.’ – Reo Cragun

out now via: Reo Cragun
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