The Aston Shuffle have teamed up with German producer Fabich for a great new single called ‘Money Can’t Buy’ which has got me bouncing around all over the place with its catchy beats and energetic grooves – it’s just the sort of song you want to hear on a Monday actually!

“I loved working with Fabich on our first collaboration “Stay” a few years ago, and I was super excited to work with him again on a follow up. It was a really fun process working on Money Can’t Buy, and I think that sense of fun comes through in the track in a big way. From the start, we wanted to focus on a stripped-back vibe for the production, and we felt the key elements of the track were the vocal and the bassline. The organic string sounds felt like the right sort of instrumentation to complement and elevate those elements, without overpowering them. Hoping the fun vibes gets people smiling while they’re dancing!” – The Aston Shuffle 

Back in 2019 The Aston Shuffle and Fabich teamed up with Los Angeles artist Dana Williams for a collaborative release called ‘Stay’ which has since collected over 10 million streams and has received a bit of a flogging from us over the last two years – I have a feeling this new one should probably expect the same…

out now via: Potion Records
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Fabich: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram


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