Over the last couple of months Australian artist Jamie Lane has given us a few impressive new singles – Attune, Sanctuary & Chrome – while also making promise of his debut album coming our way very soon, and today we get to premiere that album in all its glory!

“Pleroma” is a captivating 10-track collection of songs that are pushing the boundaries of contemporary electronic music with infusions of synthwave, techno and atmospheric house elements.

It really is quite an invigorating album to listen to and the concept behind it is quite expressive as well; Jamie notes that he is attempting to contextualise the “cursed creative process” where the drive to create something organic and real inevitably loses its purity once it has left the imagination, and “Pleroma” is his attempt to break this perpetual cycle.

“I am always reaching towards purity when I create my music, trying to produce something to be admired and embodied. This album is a journey of obsession, perfection, individuation and compromise above all else.” – Jamie Lane

out now via: Source Music
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram


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