Hermitude are continuing the anticipation build for their upcoming album “Mirror Mountain” this week with a very awesome new single called ‘When You Feel Like This’ which has them teaming up with fellow Aussie favourites The Jungle Giants, and as if that double header wasn’t enough to get you enticed it also comes with a very cool Daniel Merson directed music video.

“‘When You Feel Like This’ is the positive peak of the album, it’s the feel good vibe that we wanted on the record. It was mid pandemic when we were writing and we wanted some positivity to burst through the bleakness of the time. Getting Sam (Jungle Giants frontman) on board was a great experience. He’s one of those people with a really infectious energy and it was super inspiring to be around in the studio. Just good vibes and fun and I think his style was a perfect fit for the positive angle we were looking for with ‘When You Feel Like This’ and the album.” – Hermitude

“Mirror Mountain” is set to hit the stores on May 6th via Elefant Traks.

out now via: Elefant Traks
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram


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