Zambian/Botswana newcomer Mwanjé has released her second single this week titled ‘Wildones’ which is a beautifully crafted neo-soul/alt-RnB release that boasts a very special guest appearance from her sister, Sampa the Great, and it also comes with a visually stimulating cinematic music video that is said to represent the duality of youth and wisdom.

“Wildones expresses the notion of seeking personal freedom. In a more abstract light, it expresses the fact that we are all branches of the same tree. The visuals were inspired by the duality of youth in action guided by a deep sense of wisdom and knowledge that’s almost otherworldly. I vividly remember the first Zoom meeting between Micheal (co-director), Calvin (producer) and I, in which one of my main requests was that they found a way to make me levitate, and that’s exactly what they did.” – Mwanjé

‘Wildones’ is just the first tastes of a debut ep that Mwanjé has in the works so you can rest-assured that you’ll be hearing from her again very soon.

out now via: Mwanjé
artist connect: Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter


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