Following on from their inclusion in this years FIFA 22 soundtrack, Toronto production trio Keys N Krates continue to bring those infectious grooves and soundscapes through our speakers with their vibrant new LP ‘Original Classic’, a thirteen-track release filled with a copious amount of colour and liveliness that is sure to get you on the dance floor immediately.

Featuring previous singles ‘Pull Up’, the title track for the release in ‘Original Classic’, ‘Take It Off’ and ‘Brazillian Love Song’, ‘Original Classic’ picks up from its predecessors and delivers a high octane level of tempo with its thumping percussion and strengthened bass lines setting the foundations for us all to become apart of. With an eclectic range of instrumentation providing a ridiculous amount of flavour and vibrancy across the soundscape, Keys N Krates ensure that the party vibe continues to flow in and out of each individual offering for a long lasting good time to be enjoyed.

“This album was about us finding our place in dance music, which probably sounds weird coming from a band probably classified as a dance act. Rather than ‘jump up and down festival music,’ we wanted something more for the dark club. We are hesitant to use the word ‘mature,’ but we’ll just go ahead and say we want it to feel more mature. We wanted a lot of groove, loose feeling but driving drums, syncopation, an overall tribal feeling, a more global sound, 808s, orchestral and synthy textures; all things we love. We wanted it to be a mix of pop songs and instrumental songs and moody interludes that all feel like they come from the same place. We wanted it to be dramatic and fun. Put simply, we tried to make music that we would want to hear if we turned up somewhere to dance.” – Keys n Krates

out now via: Last Gang Records
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