US artist chillhum is closing out the year with not one but two great new singles this week, titled ‘snow’ and ‘listen along’ they are an impressive showcase of this artist’s innate sound & style which can be likened to a mix between Goth Babe, Still Woozy and Louis The Child.

As chillhum explains below, these two songs were written at different times of the year and in completely different surroundings, however he felt they complemented each other so well that doing a double-single just seemed like the right thing to do.

“I actually recorded them in different places; ‘snow’ was written/recorded here in my apartment in Denver Colorado, and ‘listen along’ was actually mostly created while I was visiting my parents  in Madison, Connecticut.

Both lyrically and in terms of genre these two are quite different, but I think the production and overall feeling makes them cohesive in a really cool way as a double single.

‘snow’ is more personal lyrically in that I wrote it reflecting on when I was a teenager. I used to listen to reggae music all the time and I always remember enjoying it even more when we got snowy weather in the northeast where I grew up. I also first got introduced to electronic music in those years and heard a lot of the songs that got me into it in the car with my friend; during the winter months we would drive to this area of our town that was pretty much deserted until summer and listen to music, and I draw a lot of descriptions from that. The lyrics tie all those experiences together really nicely for me and give the song a fun nostalgic vibe. The beat fits this perfectly too, I think, because it combines that guitar melody with more electronically based elements similar to how my taste in music was evolving at the time.

‘listen along’ is more about the general type of person who claims to be really into art and artistic value but is actually far more ‘surface level’ than the average person. I think most of us have known someone who obviously overstates their interest/knowledge in something for the benefit of their own ego, and this song is, in a way, dedicated to that person. This type of person also tends to ‘move on’ from things they claim to love extra quickly, which further exacerbates the issue artists face of how constant output is the only way to gain attention. It also is a little about how these people often find themselves in positions of power, so when they are discouraging you have to be able to take it with a grain of salt and trust your own vision.” – chillhum

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