UK-based producer Verdance continues to dazzle and shine with each and every release, and with his brand new single ‘Hold Secrets’ featuring Sooski on vocals we are witnessing lo-fi brilliance with brooding instrumentation and angelic vocals producing a high quality output that leaves us gobsmacked.

Beginning in a more sombre manner, ‘Hold Secrets’ utilises the raw beauty of Sooski’s vocals to carry forth the emotive context of the track, all while the lo-fi beats and sparkling keys/synths add plenty of texture and groove to the artistically-driven sound palate. When the bass enters the arena alongside Sooski’s amazing vocal runs in the chorus sections, the track shifts things up a touch whilst maintaining the laid-back tempo that gives the piece plenty of character.

out now via: Stereofox
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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