Over the years we’ve become accustomed to the silky smooth stylings of Dutch artist Moods with his neo-soul expertise, captivating audiences worldwide with his charismatic flow to his soundscapes and this week he continues that trend in an impeccable manner with his brand new album ‘Music Ruined My Life’ that delivers eight luscious tracks that showcases a considerable amount of confidence throughout.

Featuring the title track single and ‘Talk About It’, Moods brings forth six previously unheard tracks which flow easily in and out of each other with a fresh instrumentation base on offer including some enlightening horns, ultra groovy percussion & bass as well as the glowing keys which collectively produce a warmth that will never burn out.

“‘Music Saved My Life’ is about the profound joy that creating music brings me from time to time…It can give me a vibe that I can’t get anywhere else and is honestly hard to put in words. All I know is my purpose seems to be found in music at that moment. The goal was to translate that feeling and vibe, those moments in your life where u realise everything is in the right place and things are good.” – Moods

Stream via: Boogie Angst
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