With only a few months to go until we are blessed with his upcoming album ‘Fragments’. Bonobo continues to tease us with exquisite cuts of what’s to come with another gem in the form of ‘Otomo’ (featuring O’Flynn), a fiery and expansive offering that commands your attention with a ferocious groove and soaring choir vocals that truly encompasses the need for release into normality within society.

Beginning in an ominous manner with the injection of the swift drums and glowing synths, Bonobo quickly shifts things into a new millennium through the introduction of the key elements such as the empowering choir vocals and swarming synths/bass combination that evokes a significant amount of force into the spectrum. With several twists and turns throughout the journey of ‘Omoto’, Bonobo creates a truly stunning artwork where he tactically restrains the mix to provide a momentary reprieve, but then just as you catch your breath we are reintroduced to the uncompromising groove and force that completely takes over your system.

“‘Otomo’ began with a sample of a Bulgarian choir. Melodically it was working well but needed a dynamic shift. I asked my friend O’Flynn for input. He sent it back with a dance floor ready drum section. It’s one of my favourites from the album. I’ve been playing it all year in my dj sets, there’s already a huge response and a feeling of immediate familiarity” – Bonobo

out now via: Ninja Tune
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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