We’ve been spoilt for choice from Bob Moses this year with a plethora of impressive singles dropping month by month, and in continuing the trend the Canadian duo return with one of their most impressive release to date with the ominous ‘Time and Time Again’, an emotionally-fuelled release encompassed by a darkened colour palate and ethereal melodies that send you into a hypnotic state.

‘Time and Time Again’ travels through in a menacing nature with a strengthened backbone comprised of brooding bass and deepened beats travelling through in a swift but sure manner which enforces that deep house influence right down to the core, all while Tom Howie‘s hazy melodies hover above the mix showcasing the raw emotion held in the lyricism. Bob Moses intensify the track significantly as we arrive in the chorus sections, whereby a haunting sensation is created through those swirling vocals and soaring bass which adds a considerable amount of ferocity into the spectrum.

“We spent most of the last year in the studio, and this track feels like the perfect first taste of what we’ve been working on. It’s a celebration of the return of dancing with friends after almost two years spent inside. It’s also a special song for us personally because it was inspired by a close friend who we lost too soon. Writing the song was cathartic, and it helped us realize that all of those shared adventures of dancing until the sunrise are memories we’re lucky to hold.” – Bob Moses

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