Earlier this year we were graced with his sophomore EP ‘Freedom’, and now Juno Mamba comes through with news of another EP ‘Infinity’ to come our way in November through Soothsayer Anjunadeep and this week we get our first glimpse of what’s in store with a euphoric new single ‘Blue Light’ that takes us into a new millennium with its fast-paced synth bliss.

Initially beginning in a more sombre manner, ‘Blue Light’ slowly but surely rises to the occasion with the restraint held in the rising synths slowly waring off and intensifying alongside the penetrating drums and robust synth bass that delivers the swiftness in the tempo for us all to take flight on. Juno Mamba energises all within his path once all of the aforementioned elements combine together that showcases a significant amount of vibrancy and emotion with its driving approach that enforces us to want to fully immerse ourselves in its brilliance on offer.

“My first experiences going to underage discos was other worldly…Being surrounded by friends, strangers, lights and loud music was pure joy. There was a moment when someone who I’d been thinking about for days approached me and at that moment, life could not be better. I wanted to capture that youthful and euphoric energy in this song. Sonically I was guided by my beautiful memories of this time. The vocals were written by my friend who was with me that night at the underage disco.” – Juno Mamba

Stream via: Soothsayer / Anjunadeep
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud


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