Melbourne duo Dual Manner have consistently been smashing out euphoric releases that evoke plenty of energy and uplift in their highly engaging soundscapes on offer, and continue to raise the bar with their smashing new single ‘Elsewhere’ that evokes influence from the likes of RUFUS DU SOL with a thumping groove in the percussion and hazy melodies that collectively set the mix alight.

‘Elsewhere’ opens up in an alluring manner with the synths setting the tone right before the energetic percussion makes its presence felt alongside Thomas Junior‘s airy vocals that float effortlessly above the mix. Dual Manner shift things up a gear as we progress through with a greater synth presence enforcing a surge of energy to take control with a strengthened approach that stands tall amongst the production depth on offer. With the synth bass and atmospheric pads filling up the already jam-packed mix on offer, Dual Manner continue to showcase a growth in their production artillery that gets better and better each time they come around.

“We wrote Elsewhere at the start of 2020 which touches on the feeling of getting older and not being the person who you thought you were going to be, losing your sense of self and the anxiety that comes along with that.  Elsewhere took on many different iterations. Originally being a more heavy dance track but then we eventually landed on what it is now. We collaborated again with Jacob Edmonds on the music video going for an approach that compliments the subject matter of the song and visualizes our ideas.  This release marks the start of a flurry of new music we will be releasing over the next year along with a new live show that we are working on.” – Dual Manner

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