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With a mammoth 2020 behind him including his monster global hit ‘Look Into My Eyes’ garnering mammoth acclaim, Brando continues to bring us those heartwarming sensations with this bright and bubbly new single ‘Out Of My League’, a romantic tale filled featuring Kiesza with vibrant instruments and heavenly vocals scattered throughout which will warm your soul.

‘Out Of My League’ is a masterclass of electronic/pop, choosing to keep things simple whilst making an impact with a highly spirited output of playful synths, upbeat beats and strengthening synth bass setting the colour intact whilst the vocals shine across the soundscape with their crystal clear polish sparkling across.

“It was created in such an organic way, and I feel like the tracks I make that way tend to be my best. Avedon, Cody and myself really wanted to work on a tropical themed dance song that took us back to the days of not being in quarantine and the feeling of sitting on the beach in Belize sipping margaritas under the Caribbean sun.By pure luck, Kiesza–who is Cody’s good friend–was in town and wanted to stop by the session just to say hi. But instead of that, she hopped on the record, wrote a second verse and added a ukulele, miraculously making the whole record even better by turning it into this amazing duet.” – Brando

Stream via: Armada Music
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