Acid Stag Radio Lemonade Baby – ‘Alien’ ROOSEVELT – Passion (feat. Nile Rodgers) 44 Ardent – ‘nomoreheat’ MY PLAYLIST with Golden Vessel Crooked Colours – ‘Feel It’
We love discovering new musicians/bands/producers and our NEWCOMER series is a place for showcasing some of these fine upcoming talents. Each week we compile a small collection of songs from artists all over the world who we think everyone should be keeping an eye on. Play their music to bits, share it with anyone that’ll listen and follow all of their social media profiles!

Posh Chocolates – ‘Sweeter Stuff’ [Manchester, UK] PHARAOHS – ‘Fable’ [Gold Coast, Australia] GRACE & Sam Fran – I’m A Liar [Hamilton, New Zealand] TOTEK – ‘Missing You’ [Melbourne, Australia]

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