Following on from his mammoth collaboration ‘Without Measure’ with Gia Vorne, Sydney based producer Beso Palma continues to provide us with luscious glimpses of what’s in store for his forthcoming EP with his new single ‘Memory’ that features Mel Blue on vocals for a dreamy, laid-back release that tells a story of remembering the good times in a relationship.

In true Beso Palma fashion, ‘Memory’ centres itself on an uplifting groove in the drums that intertwines with the sublime synth bass to set the grooving foundations in tact whilst the guitars and pads inject an atmospheric bliss into the soundscape that scatters an airiness throughout. Mel Blue‘s soothing vocals sit perfectly in the mix, providing another element of swagger to the already charismatic instrumentation on offer that rounds out an extremely confident and uplifting release.

Memory encapsulates trying to be your best self in a relationship knowing that if it were to end, the only remaining memories you’d share would be good ones. The piano melody was the first idea Oscar (Mel Blue vocalist) and I stumbled upon that set the tone for the tune. We wanted to sonically represent the meaning of the lyrics throughout the song which is why the verse seems quite floaty and chill, representing the best, overwhelmingly beautiful parts of a relationship and the drop feels heavy and busy, referring to the potential tense and complex parts of maintaining a healthy relationship. Luke Gerber (Mel Blue bassist) also laid down a beautiful Radiohead-esque guitar part in the instrumental section towards the end to capture those bittersweet and sentimental feelings you have post relationship. I never want to sweep an issue under the rug in a relationship. I always think it’s better to talk about it at the present time to prevent any resentment in the future. For me, ‘Memory’ is a reminder to be the most selfless version of yourself, even if the end of the relationship is imminent.’ – Beso Palma

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