Toronto electronic rock band Holy Fuck team up with Sarah Bonito from British indie pop band Kero Kero Bonito for a collaboration that pushes the edges of conventional electronic/pop titled ‘Airport Dreams’ that provides us with glitchy elements and a relentless groove all accompanied by Bonito’s soothing vocals.

With all the production depth on offer within ‘Airport Dreams’, Bonito’s angelic melodies stand firm in the centre and add a calming presence to the eclectic nature of the remaining instrumentation. Holy Fuck bring forth scattered percussion providing a considerable amount of groove, which is heightened through the sublime bass and buoyant keys that collectively electrify the mix to tantalising levels and keep you engaged through the whole duration without skipping a beat.

“Contrary to our usual method of recording ‘live off the studio floor’ where we prefer to hash out and capture the core of our songs together in the same room, we found ourselves, like a lot of people in 2020/21, working remotely. This meant building up tracks and song ideas separately at our own various recording and rehearsal spaces and then sharing them with each other online. In spite of the physical distance, we still dug into our classic ‘holy fuck spirit’: embracing whatever tools we have at hand to make the music we want. Voice memos of drum ideas Matt Schulz recorded of himself playing at home were shared, then edited together, forming the rhythmic foundation for “Airport Dreams”. – Holy Fuck

Stream via: Holy EF Music
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