Two of the biggest names in the Australian music scene right now in Alice IvySycco have joined forces for a sun-drenched collaboration that will be a major stalwart of your summer in ‘Weakness’ that sees the absolute best of both artists on display with an addictive display of uplifting instrumentation and catchy as hell melodies.

‘Weakness’ immediately transports you poolside with those shiny guitars and funky bass line setting the tone in tact, whilst the grooves continue to be transferred through the mix with the crunchy percussion evoking a liveliness that cannot be ignored. As these injections of vitamin D continue to enter your system, Sycco‘s soaring vocals immediately cement themselves in your head with some of the catchiest melodies you’ll come across this year, and when those vocal samples combine with the ambience on offer in the chorus we see the vibrancy at its all time high.

“Weakness is definitely one of the most exciting songs I’ve ever worked on. There were many attempts to get into the studio with Sycco over the past year but due to the constant border closures, we decided to jump on a zoom and try and write something instead. Writing with Sasha was amazing, she was so quick with ideas and super energetic in the session which was super refreshing especially when you’re working through screens… This song is the beginning of a new chapter for me. I’ve grown so much as a producer since the release of “Don’t Sleep” last year, I’m exploring new sounds through lots of analogue hardware and also touching back to what got me excited about producing in the first place a soul, Motown and psychedelic influenced sonic universe. This is the beginning of a bigger journey”. – Alice Ivy

Stream via: Kewpie Mayo Records
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