Another month goes by in 2021 and yet again Two Another deliver us another masterclass of alternative R&B/pop with their latest single ‘Matter of Time’, an extremely relatable journey navigating circumstances out of our control and those tricky conversations that come as a result – which is something we can all relate at the moment.

Through the key combination of a strengthened rhythm section and glowing synths, ‘Matter Of Time’ deliver an upbeat tempo to bounce off with their playful melodies that deliver the emotive lyricism of anguish and adjustment. In these melodies, we see a polished output that raises the bar to astronomical heights once those pristine harmonies come to the forefront in the chorus that leave you gobsmacked with their utter beauty on display.

“Last year my boyfriend lost his job and like countless others he struggled to find work for a really long time. It started to affect his mental health and self esteem in a way I hadn’t seen before. This song is inspired by the difficult conversations we would have about our future and learning how to come to terms with circumstances out of our control.” – Two Another

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