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Strap yourselves in for the final glimpse of French artist Khamsin‘s upcoming ‘Aria’ EP titled ‘A Space In Between’, a cinematic adventure that takes you into outer space with its uplifting nature through the captivating instrumentation and the gentle melodies of Canadian artist On Planets on offer throughout.

Khamsin arranges the mix of ‘A Space In Between’ to be quite spacious with plenty of atmospheric elements setting the soothing foundations in place for the vivacious synths to energise the mix alongside the soaring vocals of On Planets that builds cohesively with the rising instrumentation. As we take flight in the chorus, Khamsin lifts the intensity through the solid partnerships of the synths and bass which provide plenty of surging energy that sees us travel at a rapid pace.

“A Space In Between is the final chapter of ARIA. It depicts the intangibility of this other-self, that exists everywhere around us – in the light we see, in the sounds we hear, in our hearts, and in our minds. This track was initially derived as a very cinematic build before I sent it to On Planets. As we chatted about the main theme of the EP and went back and forth with the track, the idea evolved beautifully. When On Planets came back to me with the final, brilliant lyrics, I was amazed and knew it would be the perfect conclusion to Aria.” – Khamsin

Stream via: Moving Castle
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