Los Angeles producer Sam Blacky continues to bring the fire this year with the release of her brand new EP ‘Summer Solstice’, a five-track offering that brings forth plenty of drive and vigour throughout its journey that utilises plenty of house and dark electronic influence, rounding out into a well-rounded release built for the clubs worldwide.

Featuring previous releases in ‘Too Late,’ ‘No More,’ ‘Body’ and ‘Paradise’, Sam Blacky comes through with another astonishing thumper with ‘La Noche’ which sees singer/songwriter Elisa Gold on collaborative duties that continues the enforcing nature set in the remainder of the track list whilst further honing in on the deep house influence that comes to the forefront subtly but swiftly throughout. With emphatic drums setting the tone, swarming bass and enthralling vocal hooks throughout ‘Summer Solstice’, Sam Blacky achieves a cohesion that flows in and out of each track whilst ensuring a sense of individuality that sets them all apart whilst painting a darkened yet grooving picture for us all to admire.

“‘La Noche’ is the final focus track of my EP ‘Summer Solstice’ and it’s the perfect finale. I was so excited I got to work with a friend of mine who I actually met a few years ago in Ibiza, Elisa Gold, on the vocals. Thanks to her, the song is entirely in Spanish, adding even more to the global vibes of the EP as a whole. This song has the most tribal, uptempo beat of the whole ep so obviously, it’s my favorite. As I’ve said before, tying in my travels and different cultures is a huge part of my goal with these songs, as well as female empowerment and support of one another. Working with another globe-trotting, foreign, female artist on this one was so special. The vocals are all about freedom, dancing, letting go, and pure enjoyment. I hope it makes everyone feel like summer every day.” – Sam Blacky

Stream via: Stabby Records
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