French artist Khamsin brings forth a futuristic new single filled with sheer grit and drive titled ‘Riot’, the first of which with Moving Castle that takes you on quite a sonic journey that you won’t want to end.

‘Riot’ utilises a mix of buzzing elements such as the synth bass and driving beats on offer which are piercing through the mix, whilst showcasing plenty of surging energy from the soaring synths that provide both an openness and atmospheric feeling to the overall structure. With mesmerising vocals floating above and creating a calming sensation throughout, Khamsin ensures no stone is left unturned in this depth-defying release.

“Riot is a song I wrote when I was in a difficult state of mind. It is about this strange, powerful energy you can find within when everything around you is falling to pieces. It’s like watching the end of a sad, yet beautiful movie. Everything in this life comes and goes, so be grateful for both the highs and the lows. Sometimes, you learn the most about yourself when it all falls apart.” – Khamsin

Stream: Moving Castle
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