‘Down On Your Luck’ is the latest single from New Zealand duo SACHI which also comes with a very cool Nick Chrisp (one-half of SACHI) directed music video under the choreographic direction of Todd Williamson, and the result is a stunning visual accompaniment to this exuberant and anthemic release. 

And as the guys explain below, this song also has a simple yet powerful message behind it; “love conquers all”

“We wanted a video accompaniment to Down On Your Luck that supported and furthered the ideas of the song, continuing our exploration of support networks, self sabotage and resilience through a new narrative arc – love conquers all.

“It’s about the power and importance of people at times of vulnerability. Having friends and family around you and being able to confide in them when you get ‘Down On Your Luck’. The beauty and immense weight that relationships carry, in that sense.

As soon as we wrote the vocal we knew we had to make the production compliment the emotion of it. We wanted to make something that felt emotional yet brought people to the dancefloor too.” – SACHI

Out now via: Casablanca Records
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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