Evolving artist and established record producer, Maths Time Joy recently expanded his collaborative project with NY-based vocalist, Rich, dropping ‘Cut The BS.’ The cathartic offering arrives on the heels of ‘Hoping You’d Call’ and ‘Change,’ both of which showcase the cohesive bond between MTJ’s ethereal production and Rich’s calm yet striking toplines. The duo’s most recent cut divulges the aftermath of an abusive relationship. In a press release, Rich shared,

I wrote this song after the fallout from the abusive relationship I sing about in Change. I would see my abuser’s friends every once in a while at parties and different social situations. My conversations with those friends always felt surface-level and overly-cordial. I felt like they weren’t being completely upfront, which led me to question who I could trust.”

Maths Time Joy’s professional credibility derives from production credits for the likes of Mary J. Blige, Bebe Rexha, Snakehips, among others. Not to mention, the Grammy-nominated UK talent’s lo-fi brand caught the attention and support of both Ellie Goulding and Bon Iver. Rich, on the other hand, is a Universal-signed Thirdstory artist, who has toured with Chance The Rapper and has had co-signs from the likes of James Blake, Hayley Williams, and Justin Vernon. Together, MTJ and Rich have materialised an exceptional output of music. Expect to see more from the duo in the near future. 

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