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NYC-based artist Abby Diamond returns for her first release in over a year with a shiny new single titled ‘Cool Water’, a lively blend of R&B and pop influence that showcases her stunning breezy vocals amongst a polished sound that is as laid back as they come. 

The beauty that lies within ‘Cool Water’ can be narrowed down to the minimalistic approach that Diamond has gone down to delivered a relaxing soundscape, mainly carried forth by the fresh guitars combining with the brittle drums and smooth bass line that intertwines with her mellowed vocals that are simply mesmerising in their output.

”I was in an airport when I heard a Slenderbodies song playing, and realized it’d been a year since I’d spoken to Max. I messaged him right then and there, and he invited me to come visit and within two weeks the first song was complete.” – Abby Diamond

Stream via: Lekker Collective
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