An all-star cast has emerged before our eyes with DiploDamian Lazarus and Jungle combining forces for a lively and commanding collaboration titled ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ that packs a serious punch both sonically and in the accompanying music video full of mesmerising choreography.

‘Don’t Be Afraid’ builds around the hazy vocals of Jungle that slither their way through the mix, whilst the rising percussion and driving guitar riff help amplify these melodies and as a result transferring the swift tempo through. These elements are heightened that little bit extra when we move across to the J Lloyd of Jungle and Charlie Di Placido-directed music video that showcases some gripping choreography that matches the intensity in the audio and amplifies it to 100.

“We met Diplo in LA a few years back and got chatting about working together…We sent him a few ideas that we’d been cooking up and he took a melody and worked it in this banger. We’re really happy everyone else can enjoy it now too.” – Jungle

Stream: Sweat It Out / Higher Ground
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